Fiberglass bulbous bow Repairs

Nordmanner Marine Bulbous bow services are designed to improve the quality and fuel efficiency on marine vessels

We were recently asked to design, build and install a custom fiberglass #bulbousbow and install an 18" #bowthruster for #MysticEra. At 68' she is the largest #trawler on the west coast. Bulbous bows are installed to improve fuel efficiency on these large #commercialfishing vessels. The bulbous bow was about 9' long by 4' high and 3' wide. and was entirely made with #fiberglass by Nordmanner Marine Services as a sub contract for Commodore's Boats.


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Mystic Era Commercial Fishing Boat
Fiberglass Mold
Fiberglass bulbous bow
Mystic Era
Fiberglss Bulbous Bow Build