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‘23 Malibou Starboard Windshield Repair

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Malibu windshield repaired

While trailering their 23’ #Malibu a rock struck and shattered the starboard #windshield. After spending some time on-line searching for a marine windows our client found a matching windshield installed in its original frame and asked us to replace it. We always begin the repair by removing the broken glass pieces from the existing frame on the boat, and then removing all the old caulking and double-sided tape left over on the frame. It was unfortunate that the used frame didn’t match the frame on the boat so we couldn’t simply change the frame over with the one on the boat. Then came the slow and careful work of removing the windshield from the frame by carefully cutting away the double-sided tape and architectural caulking from the frame. The trick is to accomplish this without breaking the glass in the frame. The cost of a new compound curve windshield is over-the-top expensive and is the common reason why perfectly fine boats are written off by insurance companies. Once the windshield was removed and all the double-sided tape and caulking was cleaned off we were ready to install. After the dry fit is complete to ensure a proper fit a small amount of Butyl is then applied to the new glass into place. An architectural marine caulking specifically made for glass is then added to permanently secure the window onto the existing frame. The window is then pushed into place as tightly as possible, clamps applied and then the curing time begins. This can take up to three to four days, depending on the weather conditions. And last but not least the dried caulking is neatly trimmed and a final bead applied for cosmetics is added.

Boat windshields are probably one of the most expensive parts that can break on a boat. They are difficult to impossible to acquire. They take a long time to remove, clean, and install properly. We highly recommend that boat owners invest in padded covers for windshield especially during transportation.

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