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"Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself..."

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

To start this blog I will first need to introduce myself. My name is Erik Steinkey and with my wife and partner Ady Artzy, we are the owners of Nordmänner Marine Service. We are a mobile boat repair service specializing in both pleasure craft and commercial boat repairs, refits, construction and maintenance of marine vessels. As a mobile boat repair company we service boats on location, at marinas, yacht clubs, boat yards, and sometimes in driveways and front yards, in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We define “fully mobile” as not owning a shop, and transporting all tools and materials required for every type of service that we offer, to the location of the boat. We currently service a 45 km radius from Richmond, B.C., Canada, but we are trained and capable of working at much further distances.

Service Offering

Nordmänner Marine Services offers a custom service, which spans from structural, custom, and cosmetic needs of often aging and out of production boats. A short example of the services that we provide are: anti-fouling removal and application, fiberglass repairs, fine woodworking, wash, wax, compound and polish, gel coat matching and repairs, custom refit, interior refit, floor rebuild, transom repair, custom window build and replacement, bow thruster installs, keel and rudder repairs, lines painted or adhesives and logo replacement. The nature of our business is to be constantly innovative. The only service that we do not maintain are motor mechanics.

Erik Steinkey - Owner, Shipwright

I hold certifications in composite repairs, building and damage assessments, electrical construction, AutoCAD, yacht design courses from Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology and job safety. Over 8 years experience in the marine repair industry ranging from working in the field out of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the Montreal area and all of southern Quebec, Esquimalt BC, Sembawang Singapore, and Freeport Bahamas. 12 years of military training have given me unique managerial and logistical experience along with military leadership and advanced teaching skills. I am responsible for estimates, sales, training, project management as well as hands-on shipwright services. See more on Erik's Linkedin page.

My resume looks like this:

  • 30 years of racing/crewing various one design sailing boats.

  • 12 years regular Canadian Army

Trade schools:

  • 2002 - Cert. Electrical Construction

  • 2009 - AutoCAD 1

  • 2011 - Yacht & Boat Design

  • 2013 - Yacht & Boat Design

  • 2013 - Certificate in Composite and Wood Cabinetry making and finishing for the Private Aircraft Industry

  • 2017 - Certificate in Composite Materials, Fabrication and Damage Repair

  • 2017 - Certificate in Advanced Composite Structures, Damage Evaluation and Repair

Ady Artzy - Owner, Director of Sales and Marketing

Ady started her education in graphic design from Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec and recently earned a Bachelor of Arts with distinction in Human Relations from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. She spent 10 years as the COO for Work-4 Projects and the Associate Publisher for Home Builder magazine, specializing in the Canadian Residential Construction industry. The knowledge she has acquired from the residential renovation and construction industry works equally well in the marine industry. She is responsible for sales, marketing, promotion, web design, social media, administration and bookkeeping. The skills that Ady has acquired from 15 years of lessons learned working for an established publishing company, coupled with her recent degree; gives us the added advantage of market research, advertising, and people skills required to operate a successful and smooth running business. See more on Ady's Linkedin page.

Our Company Name

Ady and I share a German heritage, therefore we wanted a strong name for our company. The word Nordmänner incorporates our Germanic background, Erik's start in the sailing world, and combines our love of wooden boat craftsmanship. The word Nordmänner, means Northmen in German. This term is used to describe the Vikings, men and women, of “northern Europe who were renowned for their navigational skills, ability to construct [a] stable [and] swift vessel” (Linguee, 2017). The words Marine Services, communicate that the services that we offer are to the marine industry, pleasure craft, and commercial. The design of our logo has origins from the viking ship design.

What makes Nordmanner unique?

We pride ourselves on mobility, highly respected fiberglass certification from the aerospace industry, and professionalism. Mobility is an added value for our clients, which saves them time and money in transport costs. We always work on location, however we can rent space at local boatyards as well. We are one of the few boat repair companies with a world class certification from Advanced Composite Training. This makes us one of the very few highly skilled technicians in the marine composites field.

As far as skill sets and training is concerned we took a different approach to shipwrights than that of 95% of our competitors in Canada. And that is, we decided to be as honest, professional, and as skilled as one could possibly be in his or her field. With my shipwright skills and training paired with Ady’s business skills, experience, and training we have come up with a company that far exceeds the professionalism of most of our competitors across Canada.

My Position On Marine Repair Standards.I have had the opportunity to working for various shipwrights across Canada and overseas, to study and train under the highest of industry standards, in order to ensure that I had the full confidence and approval of Transport Canada and the ABYC. And what I discovered is, that without any standards in the composite boat building and repairing industry (you can confirm this with the ABYC and the ABBRA), if you want to be professionally trained in composites, you must look towards the aircraft industry, there is a story behind all of this and I will get to it in another Blog. The Aircraft industry, who without hesitation, ensured me that composite building is that of a science and not that of an art. Now, having completed a few advanced composite programs and certifications in the air craft industry, I have learned that not only can I build something stronger with thinner materials but, it will outlast, and endure higher stress and impact over longer periods of time.

There are hundreds of exciting opinions, methods, and theories on how best to build, repair or refit a boat; but when it comes to the science, there is not much leeway. This it would seem is contradictory to what many, if not all, boat repairers and re-fitters will tell you and that is to, as some would say @shelterisland " the shit out of it and it won't sink" or @stevestonharbour " little as possible, I want it to be light." Stay tuned for my next blog, many ways to skin a cat. NMS

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